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The Microsoft Local Language Program provides people access to technology in a familiar language while respecting linguistic and cultural distinctions. The program bridges the gap to technology through language and culture as well as empowers individuals in local communities to create economic opportunities, build IT skills, enhance education outcomes, and sustain their local language and culture for future generations.

“Having software that has been translated into my mother tongue offers added value, acknowledges the existence of the language and culture, while keeping it alive within society. Little by little it enables a language to take the place it deserves in the world today.” Joan Ramon Ferrús Director at Centro de Educación Infantil y Primaria Enric Grau Fontserè Catalonia, Spain

The Local Language Program provides individuals access to technology in their native language to help:

  • Discover, share, and develop IT terminology in their mother tongue
  • Strengthen the local IT economy, increase individual productivity, and stimulate activity in local businesses and governments
  • Foster the societal and economic benefits of the growing IT industry
  • Provide collaborative communities, partnerships and services with local governments, language authorities, universities, and local partners to further embrace their local language
  • Respect tradition while helping languages evolve and embrace the 21st century





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