Windows App Studio Curriculum

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Nothing motivates students more than building an app that they care about that they can immediately see, use, and share. We start there and then students modify their own app using actual code. In this 5 hour curriculum, students will build a mobile app using Windows App Studio and extend and enhance the app using Visual Studio. Students will learn the basics of the App ecosystem and software development lifecycle. They will also learn about code modification and additional basic app coding skills including the topics of variables, simple data types, conditional programming constructs and simple library classes. Click “Get it Now” to download the entire curriculum.

1) A 100% free, fully online tool. All you need is a web browser. 2) Build an app for Windows PCs, Tablets, and Phones… at the same time. 3) No code required. Just drag and drop. 4) Satisfies AP Computer Science learning requirements

Windows App Studio is a free, easy, online tool that allows you to quickly turn your content and ideas into quality apps by applying text, Web content, imagery and design concepts to a rich set of customizable templates.  Immediately side-load the app on any phone, tablet, or PC running Windows 8.1 or download the complete source code so that you can edit and extend your app in Visual Studio.


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