Office 365 Education in the Classroom

This eBook looks at the power and flexibility of Office 365 in the Classroom by taking an in-depth look that benefits SharePoint Online, Outlook Web Apps, Lync Online and Web Apps have for educators and students.
Office 365 applied to common teaching and learning scenarios

This eBook examines a list of teaching and learning scenarios. It describes some of the ways in which hardworking teachers might be dealing with those scenarios now and how one or more of the functions of Office 365 can make things easier and better.

Along the way, we tell many recognisable stories such as the child at home with a long term illness, the student anxious about an exam, the one who falls ill in class, or is placed in isolation but needs to keep up with the work, and many more.

All the scenarios are covered by the words ‘communication’ and ‘collaboration’ which are twin concepts which lie at the heart of any school’s core mission. Learning, at its best, involves collaboration – student to teacher, teacher to student, student to student and, ideally, it’s not confined within the walls of the classroom.

Good collaboration, in turn, requires effective communication. So if Office 365 can be said to do one thing, it is that it promotes collaboration and communication, freeing teachers and students to concentrate on learning in a way which can transform their achievement and their enjoyment of what is a shared mission.

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