OneNote Toolkit for Teachers Guide

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OneNote is a digital notebook that lets you store all your valuable class or project knowledge in one place. Whether your information is text, pictures, or in a paper folder, it can be digitized, organized, and easily accessed from OneNote. You are productive because everything you need on a subject is at your fingertips. You will be able to build learning connections with other teachers and your students for the ultimate school experience.

Become more organized and create interactive lesson plans to inspire student learning

Learn how to effectively use OneNote in your lesson planning and classroom.  The OneNote Toolkit for Teachers has step-by step interactive lessons that cover everything from the basics of OneNote all the way through lesson planning and ePortfolio concepts.  Examples of these concepts are also built into the notebook.  The OneNote Toolkit for Teachers is designed specifically to help make your day more organized and productive.

This OneNote Toolkit for Teachers notebook is a reference tool to help you:

  • Become introduced to the benefits of using OneNote.
  • Become more organized and productive to save time.
  • Convert existing lesson plans content into the OneNote format.
  • Create new or update existing lesson plans in OneNote .

Take advantage of OneNote features and functionality to create and enhance educational materials.


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