Digital Storytelling Teaching Guide

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Storytelling is an ancient art that is undergoing a renaissance with modern technology. By incorporating digital storytelling projects into classroom learning you can reach today’s students and at the same time help them develop the skills needed to be successful in our complex, technology rich world. Creating digital stories engages and inspires students, ignites a love for learning, and creates more teaching stories for others to share and enjoy.

Learning becomes personal when students tell the story

Microsoft's Digital Storytelling Teaching Guide offers countless ideas on digital storytelling techniques for teachers, points to valuable digital storytelling resources for educators, and tips on using the Microsoft software products most commonly found in digital storytelling projects. With these tools, you can make a project of any length, topic, or scope. You will find guidance on digital storytelling for students of different ages, from kindergarten through high school. Watch your students' pride grow as they share their personal learning experiences through storytelling.

Digital storytelling can help students:

  • Engage in the learning process
  • Be inspired to lifelong learning
  • Improve writing and editing skills
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Learn project management skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Nurture creativity and interest in a wide variety of subjects
  • Retain knowledge longer
  • Become proficient in digital skills

System requirements:

Get the system requirements by visiting the individual Microsoft product pages for the products you wish to use. To read the Teaching Guide, you must have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.


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