My Surface in Kindergarten (series 1/3)

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Are you thinking of introducing Surface in your classroom (or any other Windows 8 device)?

In innteach we have designed a series of articles trying to help teachers in this important step.

The idea is to share which apps are more suitable for every stage in the school. This kind of guide explains which apps are chosen and which areas are included in each app. Also, the links to downloaded, keywords related and a brief description of the app is included in the analysis.

And why are we doing this?

Since its foundation, innteach has the goal of helping teachers in the difficult path of innovation in the classroom, analyzing apps and offering to the community advices about how to use this apps in the classroom. Today everybody is thinking of introducing hardware in the classroom and, from innteach, we want to help those brave schools and teachers who really want to improve their student skills getting them ready for being citizens of the 21st century. Let-s do it! Here there are the apps we have chosen.

  1. Kidis Land
  2. Flashcards PRO
  3. GS Preschool Games Lite
  4. GuruCool Playschool
  5. Animal SoundBox
  6. Fresh Paint
  7. Color Me
  8. Rainbow Coloring Book
  9. Math for kids
  10. Tech Kids Music
  11. iLetters
  12. iStoryBooks

With these 12 apps we tried to cover every subject and topic of the curriculum at that stage.

How can you see all these apps with more detail?

We have prepared two different ways to do so. In our site you can see the apps with detail, but also, at the end of the post, you can download a Word document ready to print and share with your school mates.

Visit the whole post here

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