Virtual Learning Environment Give students equal chance

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We are Salesian School in Hong Kong. We use Cloud Computing Technology to build up a seamless learning environment for students.


  1. Ensure all students have same resources and environment for learning.
  2. Breaking the digital Gap
  3. Linked the school and home to become "one" environment for students and teachers. They can teach and learn no matter they are at school or at home.
  4. Help students to develop 21st century skills.

How to do this? We build Virtual PC in our school server. The virtual PC have installed all the software and learning resources that students need. We build up a remote desktop shortcut. Students use this shortcut to connect to their virtual PC anywhere which have internet access.


  1. Students can use the school resources to learn anywhere which have internet access.
  2. Teachers can design curriculum which students can learn by themselves using resources and software in the virtual PC.
  3. Old computer can "reborn". Old computer just installed a OS with remote desktop. Teachers and students can use it by logging in the virtual PC.
  4. Students can build up self-learning habits and learn how to use ICT to facilitate their learning.

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