Youth talk program

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A program which build the bridges of understanding between the east and the west , and exchange culture between American students and Jordanian students. This program held between them four times per year. Students and teachers from the two countries meet each other through Skype , and also contact through e-mails, Google+/youth talk program site. They both benefit from this program; students develop their English language, they also develop their knowledge about American people, their habits, social life, education and so on. Students also engage in intercultural dialogue, explore media bias, gather resources and build leadership skills to identify and address topics and issues that are important for them to talk about. They utilize technology and learn how to communicate and share ideas across cultures and they also be perfect with the 21st century learning skills. Teachers also benefit from this program , they exchange their experiences , their styles, ways to reach the ideas and information to their students to help them for preparation to the IVC and to make videos about the subject that they want to talk about to make easily for their peers to understand.

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