Build on your strengths.

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Why Innovate?

Why introduce virtual learning to your class, school or district?

One starting point can be to build on your strengths, to take a pedagogical strength and make it an even great strength.

So, what are the pedagogical strengths of your learning and teaching program?

Maybe your strength might be project based learning, or personalisation or peer learning? If so, think of how virtual learning can enhance that strength. Ask yourself the question, or better yet, find hard evidence of how people are using modern technology to in those ways.

Take, for example, a classroom that functions well using a whole class - small groups - whole class model. In this classroom the teacher has pedagogical understanding that:

  1. The starting whole class session is used to model and set expectations.
  2. The small groups enable student to work together to get feedback from peers and to engage in learning conversations. If also enables the teacher to target teach during this time.
  3. That the concluding whole class session is used to create shared understanding through discussions of different experiences and points of view.

So what happens when this classroom begins to explore the possibilities of virtual learning? If they started with their strengths, they’d probably explore how virtual learning could be used to model and set expectations, or be used to enable students to work together and engage in sense making conversations, or be used to enhance shared understanding. They wouldn’t throw all of this out just because they are now using technology, instead they use modern technology to enhance and strengthen what they already do well.

When starting with strengths we are best placed to make pedagogical appropriate technology decisions. We can make decisions with confidence. We know the types of questions to ask. We understand the crucial components that must be present in order for the student learning to successful.

Have you used virtual learning to enhance your learning and teaching strengths? If so, please share your experience in the comments.

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