A Culture of Modern Learning

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warIn my last post we discussed the idea that Innovation is An Experiment. It is a cycle of innovation, taking small steps so that we are better placed to take the next innovative step.

In this post I want to discuss, culture, specifically learning culture.

What are your current shared beliefs (students, teachers and parents) about what makes successful learning?

Every classroom and every school has a learning culture that is crucial for successful student learning to occur. For example, classrooms where self-directed learning occurs rely on and promote a culture of support. While classrooms were creativity is a focus rely on and promote a culture of risk taking.

What about innovation?

When we start to take those small steps of innovation, whether it be building on our strengths or addressing compromises does our current learning culture align with the innovation? Or does our current culture prevent the innovation from being successful?

Does a new culture of learning need to identified and nurtured in order for new innovation to be successful?

As we explore innovative uses of virtual learning, we discover learning that is deeply collaborative and shared. If our culture of learning instead focusses on individual and independent learning it will be hard for these new opportunities to be fully realised?

In many ways culture should be seen as an enabler of innovation, without a learning culture that is focussing and promoting the same ideals as the innovative practice the impact will be minimal.

How has innovative learning practices and modern technologies changed the learning culture in your classroom? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your culture of learning? Please share in the comments.

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