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We want to present a small project, which our children presented at the lesson. Anna Sumanskaya is our English teacher (school 1329, Moscow). Please, find bellow her post:

"I agree that project work is really important, inspiring and motivating. I also think, it is essential to apply the knowledge acquired during the lessons in order to perform some practical tasks. That is why I always try to think of the assignments that would be both interesting and useful.

For example, having learnt the words and phrases on the topic "Shopping", my 8th form students were asked to design the models of their shopping centres and tell about their advantages, trying to persuade the customers into visiting them. The students preferred to work in pairs. On the day of the malls presentation the students from the other group were invited together with their teacher to act as members of the jury and customers at the same time. My students conducted a kind of virtual excursion around their miniature shopping centres, advertising them. The “jury” asked the “mall owners” the questions that an average customer would ask and having considered the answers as well as the models, chose the winner. Everybody received the prizes anyway))"

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