Progress with the Pigeon Project

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If you haven’t yet checked out the Pigeon Project, read about our latest learning adventures here and hop over to my classroom blog Mrs. Obach’s Class blog to see some wonderful student-authored books that my class has recently published! (If you’re up for a romantic story, read “The Pigeon Finds a Girlfriend”. Or perhaps you need a reminder about manners? Try reading “The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog”. If you love the farm or just enjoy the Pigeon’s hilarious antics, read “The Pigeon at the Farm”. Maybe just read them all if you have time; my students are happy to share their books with you!)

Here's our progress report for the Pigeon Project:

  • Students in my class continue to write and publish their own pigeon stories.
  • Many students proudly shared their published books and their classmates' published books during our school open house.
  • We are sharing our work on our classroom blog and on our classroom Twitter account. Students enjoy checking the blog stats to see how many people have viewed each book post we've made.
  • Our class has shared our pigeon project with Mrs. Devon Caldwell's Kindergarten class and they are now officially "hooked" on the pigeon too! pigeon skype story time
  • The Pigeon is not only a part of our literacy activities, but also our math activities. Students have started writing math story problems involving the pigeon and fellow characters. pigeon math problem 2

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