Observations on gender differences while engage in PBL

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Although the day was so busy with students and usual obstacles and challenges in daily routine at school ,I feel really wonderful at the end of the day.Because i have succeeded with my "tricks" to attract more girls to ICT integrated learning activities!

Usually boys lead project activities in the field (outside classroom) and integrate with ICT tools.When the project was started boys initiated with ideas,plans,activities-girls just nodding heads agree or pretend to agree.Activities were assigned among themselves; most of the writing and reporting parts have gone to girls in the groups.Writing letters in Sinhala (Mother toungue) and translating them into English -all done by groups of girls in the classroom leisurely.

I wonder... ,whether the load of pieces of papers may have made their way to the computer lab to computerize the documents!

Girls have used their free times to finish computerizing the request letters,questionnaires ,plans ,duties on MS Word ;and started demanding the peers-specially boys to complete their activities-taking photographs - telling the need to create the photo story,Autocollage....etc.The boys' most proudly used tool to show off the girls,(as I noticed) is Kodu Lab.I wander ....girls' next move may be taking the charge of creating the game for the project.

It is not meant that boys neglect their project work.They do arrangements with officers,arranging /burrowing cameras ,suggestions...etc.They searched for more options/newer versions in MS PowerPoint to make it better. But,a big positive change is noticed in girls' behavior related to using ICT.

Or I wonder ,whether my role as the ICT teacher has been changed, so that girls' engagement in ICT is being changed positively.....

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