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Learning math could actually be fun! MSEN Community, have you heard about Jumpido? I was amazed when I first saw the video introducing this really cool app.

To many of us growing up, math existed in the form of ink on a page, dull numbers that didn't mean much as they lived in a separate world within the textbook. Now with technology, we can make math come to life through platforms such as Xbox Kinect, which tracks movement and allows students to solve math problems through motion!

Using Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensor, pupils need to combine intelligent thinking with physical gestures in order to solve problems. There are tons of awesome adventures to choose from, as math problems are taught in the form of exciting stories, and it's up to the teacher what type of concept they choose to base the adventure on.

Jumpido is best for primary school students ages 6-12, also a time when they're very active in physically exploring their environments. This lends itself perfectly to the nature of the game, combining learning with the propensity for activity this age group tends to have. Even better, the people who come up with the content for the game are teachers themselves, who understand the needs of educators

Definitely something cool to check out if you have Kinect in the classroom!

MSEN Community, what other ways are you using technology in the classroom to make learning more interactive and fun?

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