New thoughts on... assessment.

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Just to summarise: assessment in PBL does not have to be simply or even mostly undertaken by the teacher. There are other routes:

  1. External assessment: setting a real life task and having someone from the world of work come and listen to the students talk about their work is always a good idea. The only proviso is that the external person needs a good communicative personality that students can respond to.

  1. Peer assessment: this is an increasingly popular avenue in all areas as it allows students to understand more deeply what the teacher is looking for. Some schools even put WILF - what I am looking for -- on the board in lessons. One key to learning is understanding what good looks like. Peer assessment helps this.

  1. Self assessment: always interesting to see which students over estimate their skills and which under estimate.

And lastly, of course, teacher assessment. One thing that you perhaps didn't know is that your mood influences your grading. The best mood state is not when you are in a highly emotional and positive state. But equally not depressive either.

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