Partners in Learning Global Forum - Is this the worlds largest PLC?

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I am looking forward to spending the next week working with some of the most innovative educators in the world as we seek to build schools that can successfully meet the needs of todays students. I have shied away from saying anything about 21st century schools. We must stop talking about 21st century schooling as if it is something in the future, to do so does an enormous injustice to the millions of students in our schools today. Some just embarking on the journey and some finishing beginning to create a future for themselves. We need to ask have we provided these students with the skills, knowledge, understanding and most importantly the disposition necessary if they are to successfully create a preferred future for themselves and the local, national and global communities to which they belong.

This conversation is much richer when people share there own experiences, wisdom and vision for the future. That is why the Partners in Learning Global forum is such an important event. For 4 days it brings together representatives for a diverse ranges of schools from I believe over 50 countries this year. The dialogue and discourse will be rich and the generosity of spirit that people bring to the forum sees people sharing the achievements of their hard work over many years. Discussing what might be applicable in their on schools, how networks of teachers and students might be build supported and facilitated. How do we give power to student voice? What are other peoples experiences of the quest to personalise learning? How do we ensure that the technology gap that exists can be overcomes and does not lead to another generation of students who have access to the latest technology and those that have no access?

These an a myriad of other questions will surface and be addressed, hopefully some solutions might be found. But I the end the journey is the important thing. By prompting the imagination of educators around the world and giving them a chance to explore solutions we move from just the concept of a 'wicked problem' to real action plans that will move schools around the world forward in their quest for innovation, creativity and excellence for all.

A real PLC with real aims and a real change of making a difference.

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