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‘So all this talk about new spaces is great and I would love to get involved. But I am a classroom teacher, how do I bring about such change? I don’t control any money or anything.’ This is a familiar refrain. The answer is that you can agitate. I have done many projects on space over the past twenty years and in each case there was ‘no money.’ Meaning: no project. But I found that it is ideas that can attract money and we can agitate. We can make plans. We can link with other people. We can write about what we would like to see. And we can investigate. I started quite small with pulling walls between classrooms down to make larger spaces. This is not as expensive as it sounds and is a small step. Look at what one school in Austria did in producing a larger space. Again no money, but they did raise some sponsorship. And look at what they achieved! http://sdrv.ms/15dMgGZ If you have ideas for your classroom: why not tell us here and see if the power of the crowd can help you?

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