Redesign & Improving Physical Learning Space

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A classroom can only be great, if it allows tremendous opportunity for learning to take place. Over the years, experts had defined what and how does 20th century classroom looks like, and how can it improve, and why is it important for this current - 21st century education.

What school leaders and educators all over the world are rising their concern right now, is how we can actually redesign and transform the 20th century classroom to a 21st century classroom.

Changing the way the classroom look; rearranging the furniture; buying new and high tech furniture and tools are probably the first strategies that most schools and educators intended to do. However, getting new resources can be very expensive and getting them all together is not really a good solution. Before we can actually built a solution and redesign a classroom. There are few things we need to consider:

  • What are the reasons and purposes of redesigning it? Why does it need to change?
  • Who design it? And who are willing to help moving things in and out?
  • Get other people ideas involve: their suggestions.
  • Who pays for the renovation? Do we have enough financial for the transformation? How can we rise the fund?
  • What features are needed to be remove; and what features of learning space or wall should be in place? What current features need to be kept or improve?
  • Draw a map or plan on the board. Produce a prototype and test it; get feedbacks from others.
  • Built and transform your classroom.

Above are few things that can be considered before actual transformation for classroom. The most important thing about redesigning classroom, is the purpose of it and how it can actually benefit for teaching and learning. The 2nd most important thing too is if we have the necessary resources that can actually built and redesign it. And 3rd, is always consider students and teachers experience in mind; because they are the one who will be using the room.

There’s a lot of tips in redesigning a classroom. Some transformation does not need a lot of capital, but some do. It’s all within our intelligent and strategic planning in redesigning a classroom.

Here is a link: It gives more examples, tips and suggestions on how to renovate a classroom. Editor's Note: Author David Bill is a designer and educator who consulted with The Third Teacher+ on the Remake Your Class project highlighted in the videos below.

Share with me, how did you redesign your classroom? What insight did you get for the transformation to happen?

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