Personalized Learning: No Longer A Future Vision

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I've been to a lot of conferences recently and it's hard not to hear the word “adaptive” mentioned everywhere. I do admit that I may have more selective hearing for that word than most people since that's the name of our company, Adaptive Curriculum, but it’s more common now than I can remember. It's clear that schools and teachers are no longer looking for solutions where one size fits all, but instead are seeking solutions that can be personalized for each learner.

Here at Adaptive Curriculum we've been innovators in math and science education and have long understood the need to create learning that adapts to various curriculums, differing teacher needs, and an array of student learning styles. With software that is used by more than 4 million students in countries around the world, we know schools and ministries have many different requirements for adaptability.

That's why I'm excited about a new partnership that Adaptive Curriculum and our parent company, Sebit, have embarked upon. Last month we announced a partnership with Knewton, a company establishing a great reputation in creating services that personalize learning. Knewton will allow Adaptive Curriculum to personalize digital courses for students so that every student is engaged and can learn at their own pace. Knewton brings experience in analyzing data to determine what a student knows and what a student needs to work on. Adaptive Curriculum will use Knewton-powered real-time predictive analytics to detect gaps in knowledge and differentiate instruction for each student. The algorithms behind Knewton’s content recommendations for what every student should study next provide far more accurate personalization than any traditional decision tree could. Knewton considers not only content relationships but also the instructional and assessment value of each piece of content for each individual learner. With knowledge of each student’s engagement patterns and course goals, we can collectively prepare assignments that are personalized and focused on improving learning results.

We're excited here at Adaptive Curriculum to begin this partnership with Knewton. I know that the expertise of each company will be used to create a solution that will truly make a difference in the classroom and allow every student to achieve their math and science goals.

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