Teachers on Strike … Minimizing the impact through personalized learning.

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Low wages and repression from many governments are some of the principal reasons why teachers in many countries are going on strike. The teachers are very right to fight for better wages. In Kenya for instance,this came in a time when the government was planning to deploy the one laptop per child program in all the public primary schools. Teachers even threatened to sabotage this noble project. When everything had been done and teachers agreed to go back to class, there were immense damages done to the learners. Most schools had closed and many lessons lost. How can this kind of lose be avoided in future? Teachers are still going to fight for better pay… pay is never better at all. Students at Kisumu girls high school, one of the Microsoft pathfinder school, were trying to overcome the loss. They decided to utilize the skills learnt during their period as pathfinder school: the personalized learning project. During the project, students had learnt to take part in their own learning. They used to help teachers plan for their lessons and achieve the learner centered pedagogy. "When teachers were away, we did not stop learning, we went ahead and organized ourselves into groups, led our own learning. We thank Microsoft we had learnt a lot alongside our teachers…” says one of the student from the school .

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