Leadership, innovation and constant collaboration

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Since 2005, Fundación Salvador del Mundo (FUSALMO) has made several contributions to the impact on strengthening the quality of education in El Salvador, with their support they have received directly from Parnerts In Learning Some of the programs which have been implemented:

-Support the creation of a free citizen certification based on Digital Literacy View: http://certificacion.gradodigital.edu.sv/cgi/

-Support the creation of computer programs for high school in El Salvador using Microsoft tools.

-Training of more than 10,000 teachers and principals at all levels of El Salvador in integrating technologies to teaching and learning.

-Promoting educational robotics beyond traditional technologies using Microsoft Robotics Studio R4, with focus from primary to high school.

Annually also openings 12 educational programs that promote the following:

• Creativity of children and youth with Robotics Studio.

• Certification for youth in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

• Digital Literacy of principals and teachers.

• Educational Video games using KODU and Kinect.

• Virtual Communities and Culture of Innovation using Office 365.

These innovations have been possible because our teachers are empowered in everyday use of technology in the classroom, constant research on student learning and peer training that is crucial to the processes are sustainable over time. Personally, I accompany teachers through workshops which recognize the efforts of every individual; plus most of our teachers are very young which combines dynamism and experience. Those teachers who shine are provided with certifications such as Microsoft Office Specialist, travels outside the country for technical training and other incentives, although, our economic resources are limited by the type of organization we are, I say that leadership, innovation and constant collaboration is not a utopia.

You can visit and learn more about us visit us: www.fusalmo.org and Follow us in Facebook: (FUSALMO) Fundación Salvador del Mundo.

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