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Rohit Pande
Leadership and Strategic Innovation Aim & Dream of Classteacher- Quality in Indian Education System My father was a teacher. He left a lucrative job with The Reserve Bank to become a teacher. His mind was in teaching and heart in helping others. Along that journey, he inspired scores to achieve their life dreams. We have to restore the inspiration to teaching. Teachers can’t be effective unless they become role models for the generation they teach. One has to move beyond the symbolism and token salutation of Teachers Day. Its easy to blame the rank commercialization of schooling as the State ...
David Muya
Leadership and Strategic Innovation Constrained Budgets affect Innovative teaching Many governments, organizations, schools and communities are busy working towards transformation in the field of teaching and learning. All efforts are focused on improving pedagogy and managing change in our institutions. However, few leaders are thinking about the sustainability of these efforts. It is always easy to start something but long-term sustainability is another question. As we know, technology is at the center of much of the change that is happening in education. Technology ...