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Kevin Hoang
Games Based Learning Game Based Learning Video with Donald Brinkman Donald Brickman- Program Manager at Microsoft Research - Game base learning means a lot of things and there are a lot of misconceptions such as it being a new thing (game base learning goes back to Roman times) and games being somehow different from learning. Modern games are very well design to motivate and engage people in many different levels. In school, when you get an F, there is a sense of finality to it but in a game, when you see the words “game over”, it typically makes you want to ...
Donald Brinkman
Games Based Learning My hierarchy of crazy Chapter the second, wherein Donald, in attempting to show that he isn’t crazy, provides further proof that he is crazy and subsequently urges his readers to join him in an assault on the windmills of education Hello Partners! You might be thinking ‘gee, Donald is starting to go off the deep end. I mean, he just suggested that he will build a propaedeutic enchiridion. He might as well have proposed that he will genetically engineer pandas to puke rainbows for our amusement’. Well, guess what....