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Alice Barr
1:1 Learning 1:1 and School Culture Our high school is starting the tenth year of having a laptop for every student and teacher. Maine has been fortunate, in 2002, Governor Angus King proposed a visionary project; a digital learning initiative - all students in Grade 7 have a laptop to use in school and at home. In 2004, our district chose to continue the plan into high school. When we rolled out , we didn’t have any models to refer to, but we knew this project had to be about good teaching and learning. Our journey has been an ...
Alice Barr
1:1 Learning How will you prepare for your 1:1 classroom this year? In just a few weeks, students will be heading back to school ready to rock and roll. Whether you have been in a 1:1 classroom or you are just beginning your journey, here are a few tips to help you get ready to start new learning: Twitter Hashtags: Using the in Twitter, you can find some great resources by using a hashtag. You don’t need to have a Twitter account. Hashtags are the words with a # sign in front of them. They help organize the vast amounts of information on Twitter. One of the ...
Bruce Dixon
1:1 Learning 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning Every child has the right to learn That right implies their best opportunity to learn is using digital medium. It provides unlimited scope and opportunities to learners of all ages, yet we still have a number of educational and political leaders searching for a rationale that supports young learners having their own laptop. Even more concerning are those whose thinking is influenced primarily by a technology or political imperative. This has given rise to initiatives built around e-book readers...